Parrot Bebop 2

So the truth be told...

I bought this thing with a gift card from Christmas. I have around 15 years of experience flying model aircraft, and whew. First time owning a quadcopter.

Way easier to fly than the old foam planes this thing literally flies itself. What fun. So…….

I thought hmmmmmmmm maybe I could….. make some cash doing this. Went out and decided to get my part 107 commercial certificate from the FAA.

We will delve into this in the next blog but please send me any request you might have on drones and the uses, if you would like some helpful info on passing the test.

Thanks talk to you soon.


Facilities Specialist

Facilities Specialist Life

Hello and Welcome,

For those of you that work in the Healthcare world I know you see daily the men and women out there fixing that light or changing that filter.

Well what would we do without someone knowledgeable and Diligent to do those tasks?

I want to start this blog by getting responses of various staff in a Healthcare setting then actually talking to someone in this position.

I look forward to hear from you.